Jawline Augmentation Manchester | Jaw/Chin Definition

Jawline and Chin Augmentation, Manchester | Amore Aesthetics

Where to start! Firstly it is important to note that a jawline simply does not work on everyone. We can’t always predict this via photos but common precursors that would indicate a jawline procedure would not be suitable for yourself include;

Those with a strong masseter muscle at the back of the jaw. ( You can feel this when you bite down ) . If you see or feel any bulging then sadly it is not possible to define you in this area until you have had treatment to relax it. We provide this service in our Westminster and Glasgow clinics.

Those with a BMI over that of what is considered within the healthy range and/or those with excess fatty tissues in the area.

This is not liposuction nor a weight loss tool. It is there to simply define the jawbone which is impossible if any of the above is present.

Jawline – the average female jawline and chin augmentation ( believe us it looks weird without the chin ) requires 3-4ml for even the most natural results. This area quite literally eats product up. Sigh! For males – we recommend 5-6ml of product. Double sigh! (It’s worth it – promise!)

If you are reading the above and feel like this is you – dont panic – we’ve got you…

You want to feel and look slimmer? Sound familiar?
The good news is that providing you are open minded we can usually still help! We can often create the illusion of a slimmer face by lengthening the chin alone and straightening out the hollows either side. But please do not under estimate the amount of filler that is needed to do what is often presumed to be a small area – believe us it is not and for the best results a minimum of 2 ml is needed to contour. It is truly unbelievable what can be achieved from augmenting the chin alone.

Chin – From the front we can give the illusion of weightloss, contour and more definition. From the side, we can balance the profile ( make the nose appear smaller, balance an overbite etc ) , give the illusion of a sharper jaw and thus slightly reduce the appearance of a double chin. Do not underestimate the power of a chin. It is one of, if not the most effective procedure within the entire aesthetic industry.