Lip Fillers, Manchester

Lip Fillers at Amore Aesthetics, Manchester

Should I get 0.5ml or 1ml for my lips?

This is down to personal preference and lip size and amount of previous filler you might have had. However, if this is your first treatment we recommend 1ml.

0.5ml Lip Fillers – will give a VERY subtle look once swelling goes down and therefore perhaps recommended if you are slightly nervous and are happy to be patient waiting for results. Please note this will double the time it takes to build them and is not cost effective. It could take 4-6 sessions to reach your desired shape, regardless of how natural you want them.

1ml Lip Fillers – recommended if it is your first time – you may look a little swollen immediately after, but once this swelling goes down your lips will settle down and be visibly more plump and volumised. This is more cost effective as it should take no longer than 2-3 sessions to build your lips to the desired shape.

1.5ml Lip Fillers – for a more glamorous appearance (not recommended for your first time),

Russian Lips, Manchester

What’s the difference between Lip Fillers and Russian Lips?

Russian Lips are administered in a slightly different way to regular lip fillers. Regular lip filler treatments are designed to primarily add volume whereas Russian Lip treatments are designed to lift and shape the lips with more emphasis on the upper lip and the “cupid’s bow”.