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Firstly, dermal fillers are now considered to be a normal progression in ageing. Everyone is at it! So don’t worry – it’s perfectly normal to want a little freshen up. One thing we do ask is to please be realistic with expectations – it is still not a face lift and mature skin is of course far less forgiving due to its elastosis. Sigh.

Moving on, we totally understand you don’t want to look ‘done’ and promise to keep it natural, and conservative – at ALL costs. Our secret.

Unfortunately there is no set procedure that suits every individual. The effect of ageing varies highly from person to person and thus highly influences our treatment plan. For optimum results – please book a 4/5 ml combination package. We will tailor your treatment on the day.

Please note mature skin is prone to bruising so don’t forget to purchase plenty of arnica cream to apply after your treatment as light makeup cannot be applied until 6 hours after.

If you’re looking for anti ageing, Manchester – contact us today.