Cheek Contouring Manchester

Cheek Contouring, Manchester | Amore Aesthetics

The cheeks – I don’t want them to make me look fat!? Don’t worry – we have heard it all before and believe us – they will not make you fat. Unless you want them too.. of course. Everybody’s zygomatic bone ( cheek bone ) is angled differently and thus gives the illusion of hollow cheeks, chubby cheeks, flat cheeks, harsh cheeks… the list goes on. The trick is to place filler strategically where YOU need it. When contouring – sitting the product high up towards the back of the cheek will give you a shadow beneath – and thus give the illusion of a far slimmer, heart shaped face. Think sucking your cheeks in kind of vibes – but not quite that extreme! Alternatively- we can use product in the front portion of the cheek to fill areas that may have lost volume with age – giving a more youthful appearance. As with all of our procedures – the technician will tailor to suit YOU. Please note this is not a weightloss tool. If you have excessive fat in this area you will need around 3/4 ml for best results.