Non Surgical Nose Job

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Treatments, Manchester | Amore Aesthetics

The purpose of this procedure is primarily to straighten the nose from the side, giving the illusion that is is smaller and thus, balancing the profile. We can also add product to the tip to project it if it is de-projected or under-projected.

Please always expect more conservative results with a rhinoplasty. This procedure is inherently high risk and therefore must be done spaced out over two separate sessions 8-12 weeks apart before the treatment is deemed to be complete. This is to ensure maximum safety and minimum risk of complications, such as compression.

Sometimes, a patient may get great results after one session and feel that they do not need a second session. It is for this reason that we charge per session. Ultimately, It is up to your whether or not you return for a second session – however it is advised for maximum results.