BTL EMSELLA Chair, Manchester

BTL EMSELLA urinary incontinence treatment

We provide incontinence treatment with our BTL EMSELLA chair in Manchester. The BTL EMSELLA chair is a revolutionary non-invasive and comfortable physiotherapy treatment for:

  • Men or women suffering from urinary incontinence.
  • Mothers with stress incontinence following childbirth.
  • Women with decreased sexual satisfaction.

Endorsed by highly regarded gynaecologists worldwide the results of the BTL EMSELLA treatment are truly impressive in improving quality of life.


The pelvic floor muscles support the pelvic floor organs and control continence. However, natural body aging, childbirth and menopause can cause this group of muscles to decondition resulting in continence problems such as leaking urine when coughing or sneezing.

The BTL EMSELLA treatment uses High Intensity Focused ElectroMagnetic Energy (HIFEM) to stimulate and strengthen all the pelvic floor muscles, not just the subset that can be exercised with voluntary contractions (Kegel exercises). These stronger pelvic floor muscles restore continence and the confidence to enjoy normal daily activities without fear of losing bladder control.

During each 28-minute session you sit comfortably on the Emsella chair while it generates thousands of supramaximal pelvic floor muscle contractions. Each session is equivalent to doing 11000 pelvic floor exercises but without the hard work!

The procedure is non-invasive, and you remain fully clothed throughout. No drugs are required and the most you will feel is a slight tingling during the treatment. With no recovery time needed you can leave immediately after each session and resume normal daily activity.

The majority of people need a course of six sessions over a period of three weeks to see optimum results, with most people seeing and feeling results after just two or three treatment sessions.

Benefits of the BTL EMSELLA treatment

  • Repairs and tightens pelvic floor helping men and women to regain bladder control.
  • Strengthened pelvic floor muscles improve women’s sexual satisfaction and the ability to achieve orgasm.
  • Improvement can be observed after a single session with results improving over the treatment period.
  • Non-invasive procedure with no recovery time.
  • You remain fully clothed throughout treatment.
  • Walk in and walk out the same day.
  • No pain – you can chat or read a book whilst undergoing treatment.

Who is the treatment suitable for?

If you are struggling with any of the following conditions linked with pelvic floor problems, then our BTL EMSELLA chair might be the perfect treatment for you:

  • Stress incontinence caused by menopause or childbirth.
  • Embarrassing urine leakage when laughing, coughing, sneezing, or exercising.
  • Inability to control bladder when feeling a sudden, intense urge to pee.
  • Intimate health conditions such as vaginal laxity and difficulty reaching orgasm.

It is effective for both men and women in improving bladder control and intimate health.

For Women

Where body aging, childbirth and menopause has led to incontinence as the muscles that support the pelvic floor lose strength.


Pelvic floor muscles insufficiently support pelvic organs and affect bladder control.


BTL EMSELLA effectively stimulates pelvic floor muscles with thousands of supramaximal contractions per session.


Stimulation leads to regained control over pelvic floor muscles and bladder.

For Men

Where infections, prostate cancer or stress have had a negative impact on incontinence and/or intimate health.


Pelvic floor muscles insufficiently support pelvic organs and affect bladder control.


BTL EMSELLA effectively stimulates pelvic floor muscles with thousands of supramaximal contractions per session.


Stimulation leads to regained control over bladder and pelvic floor muscles which can lead to increased intimate satisfaction.

Unfortunately, BTL EMSELLA is not suitable for patients who are currently pregnant, have a pacemaker, metal plates such as hip replacements, defibrillator or if you have a copper coil or IUD. Please contact us for information about different treatment options in these cases. If you are interested in the BTL EMSELLA treatment for incontinence at the Urology Partnership, please get in touch. Following a full assessment of your needs we will recommend a suitable course of sessions, or possible alternative treatments to help alleviate your symptoms.

Frequently Asked Questions

BTL Emsella is an incredible piece of technology that effectively treats both the symptoms and causes of stress incontinence in women. Stress incontinence is common in both postnatal women and women who are either going through, or have gone through the menopause, though this treatment can be used by any women suffering from stress incontinence.

Leaks, dribbles, having to go to the toilet multiple times a night and difficulty holding urine when you laugh, cough, jump, sneeze, lift heavy objects or many other kinds of high impact activity are all very common symptoms of stress incontinence, caused by a weakness in the pelvic floor muscles.

Some patients report the sensation of their muscles tensing and relaxing, though this isn’t painful. BTL Emsella is such a fantastic treatment as it doesn’t cause any pain or discomfort and it is completely non-invasive, while still delivering incredible results.


Treatment with BTL Emsella takes less than 30 minutes per session. In this time, the Emsella chair will deliver the equivalent of over 11,000 Kegel exercises, creating incredible results. During your initial consultation with Dr. Shirin, she will advise you on how many treatments you should have based on your condition and goals.

 Some patients experience highly effective results from as soon as the first treatment, though it is more common to see a real difference after the second or third treatment session.


The BTL Emsella Chair is unique as it is the only vaginal rejuvenation and stress incontinence that is completely non-surgical, non-invasive and can be carried out fully dressed! By using innovative HIFEM technology, BTL Emsella can deliver incredibly effective results in a very short treatment time and give you back control in only a few treatment sessions with Dr. Shirin.


The first treatment of its kind, Emsella is FDA-approved for treating urinary incontinence along with vaginal laxity. Studies have shown Emsella to improve stress urinary incontinence (SUI) by 95%

BTL Emsella uses its HIFEM technology to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles without you having to tense consciously. The electromagnetic currents help to trigger muscular contractions, which ‘works out’ the muscles in the same way as doing Kegels would, with the benefit of much stronger muscle contractions.